Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs

Apr 13th, 2010

One incredible benefit of the Internet is the ability for travelers to share their experience with others via their blogs. This list compiles 100 of the best travel photography blogs, all of which do just that. Whether you are an art student who appreciates photography from places around the world or are an armchair travel buff, these travel photography blogs are sure to fulfill your desire for awe-inspiring photography.

People and Their Culture

Take a look at people and their cultures from all around the world with these blogs.

  1. Peter Tsai Photography Blog. Tsai's photos include both portraits from his business and plenty of great travel shots.
  2. Escape from New York. This journalist shoots people and street scenes from around the world.
  3. The Digital Trekker. Matt Brandon's work focuses on the people on the edges of society that are often overlooked.
  4. Verve Photo. This blog features work from many young documentary photographers. Each post includes a photo, a short description of the photo, and a bit about the photographer.
  5. peregrine by nature. The unusual framing of these shots tells a story in a way that only photography can capture.
  6. Portrait of Another World. Portraits speak of the people around the world–as this relatively new blog demonstrates.
  7. The Photographic Memory. Louis Hebert captures images of people around the world in his blog.
  8. Pret a Voyager. Anne lives in Paris and documents her travels here. An outstanding part of this blog, though, is the Boarding Pass feature where she highlights other travelers and includes photos of their adventures.
  9. Uncornered Market. Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll write and share photos of their travels around the world and the people they meet along the way.


These photo blogs capture the landscape of places around the world to bring far-away spots straight to you.

  1. Ilya Genkin. With an emphasis on Australia and Asia, this blog features beautiful landscape photos.
  2. Anindya Chowdhury Photography. Landscape and wildlife are predominately featured here.
  3. Flemming Bo Jensen Photography Blog. These landscapes document the travels of this photographer who calls the road "home."
  4. The Daily Exposure. Based in Edinburgh, most of these photos capture the landscape of Scotland, with a few urban photos and portraits thrown in as well.
  5. The G8. These landscape photos usually come with a caption describing where they were shot, but a few leave the viewer to figure it out.
  6. Beau Mitchell Photography. Based in Australia, this landscape photographer shares his work collected through his travels in the south Pacific.
  7. Christian Fletcher Photo Images. This Australian-based photographer does lots of landscape and shares tons of information about the mechanics of his work here.
  8. Michael Anderson's Travel Photography Blog. Anderson's landscapes from around the world will delight readers of this blog.


An inescapable part of travel is exploring food different from what you are accustomed to eating. These blogs focus on the culinary experiences associated with travel.

  1. Rambling Spoon. Karen Coates writes about food with an Asian accent and includes her husband's stunning photographs.
  2. Primitive Culture. These photos document the cultures found around the world–primarily through their food.
  3. Eating Asia. Robyn Eckhardt and David Hagerman write and photograph the food and people who make the food experienced in their travels around Asia.
  4. The Traveler's Lunchbox. The posts here include descriptions of the food, a picture or two, and how that food fits into the culture where it is eaten.
  5. CW's Food & Travel. While food certainly features highly here, there are also plenty of photographs of the people associated with these places Borneoboy travels.
  6. My Kugelhopf. Kerrin Rousset loves food and travel, as can be seen in the photos that bring readers with her to spots such as Belize, London, and Paris.
  7. Parla Food. Based in Italy, Katie Parla posts photos of the delicious food she tracks down in the area.
  8. Lannae's Food and Travel. Focusing primarily on travel in the US, Lannae documents the food experiences she has with photos.
  9. Thai Food and Travel Blog. This husband and wife team (she's from Thailand and he's from America) write about and photograph Thai food and the Thai culture.
  10. Ms. Adventures in Italy. Food, people, and scenery all show up on this blog all about Italian food and culture.

General Travel

Find blogs from both amateurs and professionals alike as you travel around the world through their lenses.

  1. Photo Traveler. Bob Krist's blog features gorgeous photos of places around the world and the people who live there.
  2. Travel and Photography. The photos here include information on the camera and lens used as well as details about how the photographer captured the shot.
  3. Momentary Awe. Learn how these photos were shot and what equipment was used to make it happen.
  4. The Travel Photographer. The photos and commentary here are a compilation of photos from all around the web.
  5. Kim and David Walker's Travel Photography Blog. This husband and wife team share their photos taken all around the world.
  6. Shoptalk. Nick Onken shares his photos as well as information about his book and much more.
  7. peripheral vision. From street scenes in South Africa to Roller Derby girls in America, this blog takes readers around the world.
  8. Everything Everywhere. Gary Arndt posts frequently on this blog, with tons of great photos documenting his world travels.
  9. Yegor Korzh. This travel photographer based in Australia posts images from there, as well as other places.
  10. TravelerFolio. See photos from this world traveler that span Europe, Asia, and the US.
  11. From the Faraway, Nearby. These stunning photographs tell the stories of this photographer's travels around the world.
  12. Reason to Wander. This couple documents their reasons to travel by numbering their photos that document their trips.
  13. Joel Carillet. Carillet's photos capture the essence of the people of the 60+ countries he has visited.
  14. Jasontopia. From Seattle to Bangalore, these photos document the travels of Jason Niedle.
  15. Travel Photography by Judy & Jim. These two seniors enjoy traveling and cruising around the world and share their gorgeous photos here.
  16. StoptheRoc. Click through these photographs to see images taken around the world. Hover over each image to get details on the camera and settings used.
  17. Le Clique. The photos here are provided by several members of this collaborative effort and highlight places from America to Thailand, and everywhere in between.
  18. Travel Blissful. The words and photos here are all about the beauty of travel.
  19. Never Ending Voyage. This couple left the UK to travel indefinitely and post about their experiences.
  20. Paul's Travel Blog. Paul writes about the travel experience and his partner, Derek, supplies the photos that accompany the posts.
  21. Atmosphere: A Travel Journal. See people and places captured by Tanveer on his blog.
  22. Luka Esenko's Blog. Leading photography tours is this blogger's profession, and he shares some of the photos he takes himself while traveling.
  23. Nomadic Vision. Follow along for the adventures and beautiful photographs that show up here.
  24. Wanderlust and Lipstick Blog. This blog is part of a website that provides information for women traveling solo.

The Americas

North and South America are covered in these blogs.

  1. PhotoCitizen. Alan Haynes includes a good mix of photography advice and shots he has taken across all 50 states.
  2. Taylor Davidson. Davidson talks photography while also posting photographs of New Orleans and its culture.
  3. Paz's New York Minute. This blog captures images of everyday New York.
  4. Hole in the Donut Travels. After leaving an unfulfilling career, this woman shares her passion of travel and photography as she explores the Americas.
  5. Transient Travels. The US is usually at the heart of this blogger's travels, but with an upcoming honeymoon in Spain, look for an expanding repertoire.
  6. My Itchy Travel Feet. From Lake Louise to the Grand Canyon, this couple loves a good road trip. They also enjoy air travel, so expect to read about trips to other locations as well.
  7. The Tranquilo Traveler. Based in Colorado but traveling frequently south of the border, many of these posts show photos and tell about Nicaragua and Belize.


These blogs feature the look and feel of Europe.

  1. Budapest Daily Photo. Get a feel for the culture of Budapest with these street scenes.
  2. Bum Street. Click through these photos that provide street shots of cities in Europe.
  3. Hakan Dahlstrom Photography. Don't worry if your Swedish isn't what it should be, these photos of Sweden virtually speak for themselves.
  4. 43 hours & 5 minutes. Check out black and white shots from Europe here.
  5. The Galavanteers in Appenzell. In search of great cheese and gorgeous photos, this trek across Europe provides both.
  6. Merisi's Vienna For Beginners. See Vienna through Marisi's lens on this photo blog.
  7. Living the Life in Saint-Aignan. Photos document this American's life in the south of France.
  8. Europe a la Carte. Learn about photo tours through Europe, Dutch cheese, and much more here.


From Japan to Thailand to India, explore Asia through these blogs.

  1. Neil Wade's Photography Blog. Many of the photos on this blog are in Taipei, and Wade also posts a decent amount of advice on photography.
  2. Gavin Gough. Based in Bangkok, most of Gough's photos are from around Asia, but other places show up too.
  3. The Spinning Head. The bulk of this blog features this photographer's project in India, but also touches on other areas and politics associated with those regions.
  4. India!. Whether you read French or not, you will still understand the stories being told of India in these photographs.
  5. Photographer in Japan. This site is all about the photography and captures images across Japan.
  6. Across Asia. Click through these photos to feel as if you have been transported to these locations across Asia.
  7. Paraiso Philippines. Explore the Philippines with the photos and descriptions included in these posts.


From the wildlife and gorgeous scenery to the people living on this diverse continent, these blogs cover some of it all.

  1. My Marrakesh. These photos and the accompanying stories truly capture the essence of the people and cultures.
  2. Tales from Kulafumbi. Take a look at the people, landscapes, and wildlife that make Kenya the awe-inspiring place that it is.
  3. David Lloyd Wildlife & Travel Photography. Most of these photos are from Lloyd's travels in Africa.
  4. Photo-Africa. Get a daily photo of African wildlife and landscape here.
  5. Scarlett Lion. This journalist and photographer shares the politics and culture of Liberia and Uganda.
  6. After Africa. Just returning to Copenhagen after five years in Africa, this blogger shares photos and more of the continent she explored.
  7. Marius Coetzee Photography. This wildlife photographer leads tours in Africa and posts gorgeous photos here.


These travel photos have been enhanced by HDR or other special effects to really make the images pop.

  1. Stuck in Customs. Trey Ratcliff posts one HDR photo a day from all around the world on his popular blog.
  2. Notes From Different Spots. Most of the photos here are taken in the Middle East, include a mix of people and landscapes, and appear to mostly be HDR.
  3. HDR Okinawa Japan. These stunning HDR photos are taken all around Okinawa.
  4. Ken Kaminesky Travel Photography Blog. Featuring mostly buildings and landscapes from various locations around the world, these photographs will have you seeing places in a whole new way.
  5. Momoc HDR Photography. These photos are mostly from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
  6. Arek Rainczuk Photography. Based in Melbourne, the photos here include those from Rainczuk's travels and are also frequently manipulated through a variety of methods, including HDR and Photoshop techniques.
  7. Jason Heller Photography Blog. HDR and concept photos are often featured in this blog.
  8. Places 2 Explore. Photoshop, infrared, HDR, and more fun techniques are showcased on this blog that includes locations from Tokyo to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Industry and Advice

Keep up with the latest happenings in the world of travel photography or learn ways to improve your craft when you follow these blogs.

  1. NSL Photography. Learn ways to make any type of travel photography better with the advice from this professional.
  2. Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography. Equipment reviews, engaging photos, and tips to taking awesome photos are all found here.
  3. PixelatedImage. David duChemin keeps readers updated on what is going on in the world of photography, shares his upcoming books, and of course, his photos.
  4. Making Images. Not only can you see photographs and read about photography, but Larry Haden also shares other great photographers with readers via his blog.
  5. NGM Blog Central – Digital Photography. This blog from the National Geographic includes some of their stunning photographs from around the world as well as information on the craft of digital photography and updates on equipment.
  6. Nevada Wier Photography. Wier gives readers insight into how to pack all the equipment for travel, what his favorite equipment is at any given time, and photos from the places he shoots all around the globe.
  7. Di Mackey's Blog. Read about the life of a professional traveling photographer or enjoy the inspirational poetry and photos posted here.
  8. Andre Gunther Photography. Gunter posts photos, asks probing questions to help improve your techniques, and discusses other photography-related topics.
  9. Chase Jarvis. Discussing everything from the hard work and dedication required of a professional to the merits of iPhone photography, this travel photographer blogger covers it all.
  10. David Sanger Photography. In addition to Sanger's photos, get tips that range from finding motivation to communicating simplicity in travel photos.
  11. Smogranch. Get tons of insight into the world of photography along with arresting photos.
  12. Gunther Deichmann. Deichmann shares the details of his work along with a sampling of his photos from around the world.
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