The Top 100 Photography Blogs

Learning the art of photography is exciting, especially because so many resources are available to beginner photographers online and off. Some of the best of these resources are blogs, and they highlight gear, techniques, inspiration, and more that can help you learn to be a better photographer. Read on to discover 100 of the best photography blogs out there.


For general interest photography, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. All Day I Dream About Photography: This blog has great tips, featured photographers, and more.
  2. The Imaging Buffet: Get digital photo tips, reviews, news, interviews, and more on this blog.
  3. Photoinduced: Photoinduced features galleries, events, news, lots of other great photography stuff.
  4. Camera Dojo: Camera Dojo is full of lots of great information, including tips, tutorials, and reviews.
  5. Photocritic: Photocritic offers an overall excellent photography blog, with tips, reviews, news, insight, and more.
  6. Adventures in Digital Photography: This blog offers insights, advice, and other valuable photography resources.
  7. PhotographyBLOG: PhotographyBLOG discusses news, opinions, reviews, and a photographic community.
  8. The Decisive Moment: Check out this blog to find photography news, reviews, and more.
  9. Beyond Megapixels: Beyond Megapixels offers photography that’s easy to understand.
  10. A Photo Editor: In this blog, you’ll find photographer profiles, industry news, and more.
  11. Confessions of a Photographer: This blog highlights useful business information, philosophy, tips, and beyond.


Get the help you need through these blogs that highlight useful resources for photographers.

  1. Photo Lovecat: In Photo Lovecat, you’ll find great resources for building a professional photography business.
  2. Photojojo: Photojojo always offers fresh and fun photography resources and ideas.
  3. Cool Photo Ideas: Visit this blog for lots of great photography ideas and resources.
  4. PresetsHeaven: Check out this blog to get free presets for Lightroom.
  5. Pay It Forward: Read the Pay it Forward blog to find useful resources for photographers, including freebies, interviews, and tips.
  6. Daily Tips to Improve Your Photography: Use this blog to get resources and tips that will help you improve your photos.


Stay up to date on the latest in photography with the help of these blogs.

  1. State of the Art: This blog from Popular Photography weighs in on current events in photography.
  2. PDNPulse: The editors of Photo District News write this blog that offers news, reviews, and more.
  3. Photo News Today: On Photo News Today, you’ll find an excellent resource for imaging news online.
  4. The Online Photographer: Visit The Online Photographer to find photography news, reviews, photographer profiles, and more.


If you’re in search of pure eye candy, these blogs will get you your fix.

  1. PDN Photo of the Day: PDN selects an excellent photo to reveal on this blog every day.
  2. Shutter Sisters: Check out this collaborative blog to find photography from women.
  3. The Big Picture:’s photoblog is full of photos from current events.
  4. Blog.Photoblogs: Here you’ll find stunning images from Photoblog users.

Photo Genres

These blogs cater to a specific genre of photography.

  1. A Little News: In this blog, you’ll find useful advice and information for photojournalists.
  2. Fashion Photography Blog: Read the Fashion Photography Blog to learn more about fashion photography and get great resources.
  3. Microstock Diaries: Learn how to make money from microstock photography by reading this blog.
  4. Flying With Fish: Get resources and useful information for traveling as a photographer from this blog.
  5. Fine Art Photoblog: On this blog, you’ll get to see fine art photography as well as news in the industry.
  6. Wed Shooter: Follow this blog to learn about the wedding photography industry.
  7. Rocktographers: Visit the Rocktographers blog to find fun and interesting photos of wedding and engagement rings.
  8. Don’t Box Us In: This blog celebrates unique and extraordinary wedding photography.
  9. The Wedding Photography Project: Get great resources and news for wedding photography from this blog.
  10. Endless Years: Endless Years offers photography advice for boomers and their families.
  11. Epic Edits: Check out this blog to get access to a great resource for hobbyists.

Tips & Learning

Improve your photography with the tips and learning resources found on these blogs.

  1. This Week in Photography: In this blog you’ll find the latest news and regularly featured tips and inspiration.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips: Get awesome tutorials, tips, shortcuts and more through this blog.
  3. Your Photo Tips: Your Photo Tips offers lots of great information on digital photography tips, techniques, and tutorials.
  4. PictureCorrect: Check out this blog for lots of great tips and news for digital photography.
  5. Photo Attorney: On Carolyn Wright’s blog, you’ll find rights alerts, legal resources, and more.
  6. Digital Photography School: On this blog, you’ll find lots of educational resources for photography.
  7. Pioneer Woman Photography: Ree Drummond’s blog photography has become so popular that she’s devoted an entire blog to teaching her techniques to fans.
  8. Words: Irrational: On this blog, you’ll get learning resources for techniques, processing, and printing, as well as a community of photographers to share with.
  9. Yanik’s Photo School: Yanik’s Photo School offers reviews, tips, tutorials, and other resources for learning photography.
  10. Assignment Construct: This blog will show you everything that goes into setting up the perfect shot.
  11. Cheapshooter: Cheapshooter will help you learn how to do photography on a budget.
  12. Fotohacker: These digital photography geeks offer lots of guidance for making your photos better.
  13. DIY Photography: You’ll learn about photography and studio lighting through this blog.
  14. Lighting Essentials: The Lighting Essentials blog is all about photographic lighting, including tools and DIY projects.
  15. Strobist: Strobist is the definitive blog for lighting techniques, DIY projects, and more.
  16. Lighting Mods: Check out the Lighting Mods blog to learn about DIY lighting and other photography tips.
  17. dpmac: Read this blog to learn how to make Nikon and Mac products function in your photographic workflow.
  18. PSD Learning: Get Photoshop learning resources from this blog.
  19. Photography Mentor: Get great resources and learning from this blog behind an online photography school and social network.
  20. Tao of Photography: Andy Ilachinski’s blog discusses the creative process, science, art, and more related to photography.

Photographer Profiles

Get a look into the lives and work of active photographers through these blogs.

  1. F-Stop Beyond: Get a look into the lives, work, and business of successful photographers.
  2. 7 Photography Questions: On this blog, you’ll get answers to questions asked of top photographers, and find out how you can improve your own photographs.
  3. Ask the Photographer: Learn about specific photographers, find tips, and more through this blog.
  4. Flickr Blog: Get insight into Flickr as well as photography through this blog.
  5. Blog on Photoblogs: This blog is a great resource for photographers using blogs.


Get product reviews, alerts and lots more from these blogs devoted to photography gear.

  1. OK1000 Pentax Blog: If you’re a fan of Pentax gear, be sure to check out this blog.
  2. 1001 Noisy Cameras: On this blog, you’ll get reviews, news, and more for all types of photography gear.
  3. Canon Blogger: Canon Blogger is full of tips, tutorials, articles, and other great Canon photography resources.
  4. Engadget: Read rumors, reviews, and more on cameras and other gear from this gadget blog.
  5. ShotAddict: ShotAddict offers reviews on a variety of consumer and professional level cameras, lenses, and accessories.
  6. Canon Rumors: You can find out the latest information about Canon gear through this blog.
  7. Digital Camera Resource Page: Get unbiased digital camera reviews from this blog.
  8. Photography Review: Visit this blog to get camera reviews and join an active photography community.
  9. Digital Photography Review: In this blog you’ll find the latest reviews and previews of digital cameras.
  10. Gizmodo: In this gadget guide, you’ll learn about lots of photo gear and accessories.
  11. Camera Deals: Save money on camera equipment by checking out the deals on this blog.
  12. DPhoto Journal: This blog primarily reports on and reviews cameras and accessories, but also offers tips and photography news.
  13. Nikon Rumors: Get the inside scoop on Nikon developments on this blog.
  14. Nikonians: Visit the Nikonians blog to find out the latest about this camera brand’s developments.


Get advice for working as a professional photographer from these photo business blogs.

  1. Photopreneur: Get great information about making money from your photos through this blog.
  2. Photo Business News and Forum: Check out this blog to learn about the business of photography.
  3. Pro Photo Life: This seasoned professional offers lots of great advice for professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists.
  4. Strategy Avenue: Read this blog to find excellent advice for running your photography business.
  5. BananasEDU: BananasEDU offers relevant and useful advice for professional photographers.

Projects, Movements & Communities

These blogs highlight interesting photo projects, communities, and more.

  1. Roadside Families: This project works to get photographers and their families in front of the camera.
  2. A Day in the Life: Members of this community take photos of their entire day and share them on the blog.
  3. Photo Assignment: Practice your photography by following the assignments in this blog.
  4. Photowalking: Check out this blog to get inspired to take a walk with your camera.
  5. Trash the Dress: Check out this blog to see brides trashing their wedding dresses.
  6. One Photo Project: Participants in this project take one photo with a camera and pass it on.


Get a crash course in Photoshop and Lightroom with the help of these bloggers.

  1. Photoshop Insider: Check out Scott Kelby’s blog to get an education in Photoshop.
  2. LightroomNews: This blog offers lots of great news and information about Lightroom.
  3. Lightroom Queen Blog: Victoria Bamptom’s blog offers troubleshooting, news, and more for Lightroom.
  4. Photoshop 101: Visit Photoshop 101 to get inspiration, tutorials, and more for Photoshop.
  5. Inside Lightroom: Read this blog, and you’ll find presets, tips, and more.
  6. PhotoshopNews: Get the latest news about Adobe’s Photoshop products through this blog.
  7. Lightroom Journal: Get news, tips, and advice from the source in this blog written by the Lightroom team.
  8. Photoshop Support: On Photoshop Support, you’ll get tutorials, tools, and resources for Photoshop.
  9. Lightroom Galleries: Visit this blog to get access to Lightroom web gallery templates.
  10. PSHero: PSHero is full of tutorials, downloads, and more.
  11. O’Reilly Inside Lightroom: O’Reilly’s blog will help you use Lightroom and Photoshop more efficiently.
  12. Photoshop Roadmap: This blog will help you with Photoshop, offering tutorials, brushes, plugins, and more.
  13. Photoshop Disasters: See some terrible Photoshop creations on this blog.
  14. PSDTUTS: Get spoonfed Photoshop tutorials throughout this blog.