Photographing Kids – It’s a Snap!

Diapers, bottles, formula, toys, pacifiers, wipes, powder – now you can add digital camera to this list, because the gadget has become a must-have for every parent, especially the first-time ones. They’re all aspiring Anne Geddes, hoping to create masterpieces from the expressions and antics of their little ones.

Photographs are memories that last forever – your children may grow up and leave an empty nest behind, but their pictures remain to remind you of the time they were little babies and tiny toddlers. If you’re into photographing your kids and want to take the best possible pictures, here’s how you can do so:

  • Be quick: Kids are notorious for their short attention spans; you know that they can’t sit still for a minute. So if you see a pose that you like, be nimble with the finger that handles the click button. Alternatively, you can continue to click to your heart’s content and keep only those pictures that are worth saving – with a digital camera, you don’t have to worry about the cost of printing hazy pictures.
  • Don’t use equipment that’s too sophisticated: The reasons are twofold – first of all, you never know when your kids are going to come flying at you, knock you down, and break your expensive camera and accessories in the process. And second of all, by the time you make all your adjustments and preparations with the sophisticated thingamabobs, your kids are going to be long gone from the picture frame.
  • Have fun: Don’t get your kids to pose for pictures; it’s best to shoot them naturally, when they’re horsing around, playing with their toys, and generally having fun. Photographs that showcase action or events also help you remember when they were taken.
  • Make the affair unobtrusive: Kids tend to be more natural and relaxed when they don’t know that a camera is trained on them. Use a zoom lens and stand as far as you can so that you get the best natural shots.
  • Be patient: Photographing kids is a tiring job because they tend to keep moving around what with their boundless energy levels. And this is why you need a whole load of patience to avoid letting your temper get the better of you and ruining what should be a joyous occasion.
  • Go down to your kids’ level: It’s best to get the camera to focus on your children’s faces so that you capture their expressions effectively.
  • Get the right equipment: Digital cameras that are quick between shots are ideal for shooting kids because they allow you to keep snapping one picture after the other so that you don’t miss a single expression or act.