Here’s to a Long and Healthy Life!

None of us is masochistic enough to wish either death or illness on ourselves, which is why we tend to do everything in the book to keep these two devils at bay for as long as possible. A long life without good health is not worth living, so if you’re hoping to enrich your existence with holistic health and longevity to boot, read on for a few pointers:

  • Eat fewer amounts of calories: A low-cal diet can increase your lifespan by as much as 40 percent. Free radicals, which are the prime cause for aging, are generated by the process of burning calories, and the less number of these that you produce, the longer you live. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet to restrict your calorie intake and get all the nutrients you need even as you say no to processed foods rich in saturated and hydrogenated fat.
  • Sleep well: A good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold, as anyone with chronic insomnia would tell you. Sleep is essential in repairing the damage done to our body each day and making it fit for a new day of life. Make sure you get enough sleep to leave you rested and energized the following day. Get up and go to bed at the same times every day to get your internal clock adjusted and running smoothly. Avoid drinking caffeinated products, exercising or eating close to bed time. Sleep with the lights out and in comfortable clothes and bed linen. Go to bed only when you’re tired to avoid tossing and turning all night long.
  • Say no to alcohol and tobacco: These vices, even in moderation, hasten the aging process and leave you vulnerable to a host of ailments and diseases. Caffeine is another stimulant that can be added to this list of things to avoid if you wish to live a long and healthy life.
  • Stay positive and calm: even in the face of extreme stress and during crises. Being positive and taking life as it comes works wonders in reducing your stress levels and enhancing the quality and quantity of your life.
  • Exercise regularly: Staying active, slim and energetic is vital to both feeling alive and living a long and healthy life. Make sure you balance your exercise routine with a sensible diet that includes all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.