Celebrity Photo Shopping Revealed: 16 Pics of Celebrity Photoshop Blunders

Photo shopping of celebrities has become the norm for today’s entertainment industry standards. Back in the old days they used meticulous lighting tricks, but with the creation of retouching software’s altering photographs is a much simpler process. Celebrities can look taller, shorter, curvier or skinnier, and basically flawless. On occasion, the deviations are very inconspicuous, but quite frequently they aren’t. From radically changing the color of a person’s skin to adding or subtracting body parts, we have created a list of some freakish celebrity photo shopping blunders that are sure to keep you second guessing the advancements in digital photography.

1. Kim Kardashian -After Complex magazine inadvertently posted an untouched photograph of Kim Kardashian on their website, talk stirred over the airwaves of how thinner and more pale her photo looked compared to how she looks on her E! hit reality show.

2. Demi moore -Just a short while ago Demi Moore embellished the cover of W magazine with what appeared to be part of her hip missing. While many are screaming foul play, Moore denies any retouching. She even went as far as to post what she calls the original photo to show there was no photo shopping involved.

Demi Moore

3. Beyonce – Since endorsing L’Oreal for almost a decade, This L’Oreal Feria hair color add caused quite the debate over super star Beyonce’ Knowles. Note that the color of her skin is significantly lighter than it appears in real life. Appropriately, the folks over at L’Oreal are denying the claim stating that they value their relationship and state that they value the relationship and none of Beyonce’s features or skin color were altered.


4. Madonna – This photo of Madonna in Out Magazine created a major disturbance. From her missing ears to her small head, critics from around the globe were using this picture as a major headline in international entertainment news.


5. Kate Winslet – This image came straight out of Vanity Fair magazine. You can see this photo of her husband Sam Mendes and her together, or maybe not? Check out Sam’s arm that is around Kate. Maybe this is the new fashion trend… a one sleeve blazer.

Kate Winslet

6. Martha Stewart – Newsweek’s cover showed a photo of Martha Stewart coming out from behind a curtain. At the time, Martha was going to be released from prison only a few days later. The face was Martha’s, but the body was of an unknown model. Newsweek claimed that this was a photo illustration, which is a fancy adaptation of a fake photograph.

Martha Stewart

7. Kelly Clarkson – Despite what American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson says about feeling totally content with her body, it’s clear that she was photo shopped on the front of Self magazine. It seems like the editors tried everything they could to change what her body looks like. Notice the white pants that match the background and the yellow dot positioned right where her butt and lower back meet.

Kelly Clarkson

8. Brittany Spears – After posing for the Candies junior’s line at the age of 27, there was much said about the retouching done on these photos. The buzz was that this was just over the top and that Brittany looks better untouched than what she was portrayed as for this campaign.

Brittany Spears

9. Jennifer Anniston – Jennifer was outraged at the fact that she was on the cover of Redbook without her consent. She boycotted the magazine claiming that her head was used on someone else’s body, while the Redbook spokespeople said that the only things that were altered was hair length and the color of her shirt.

10. Eminem – What’s wrong with this picture? It looks like Eminem has had some sort of eye transplant gone badly. Between the airbrushing and those strange corneas, this picture should never have made it to the XXL cover.


11. Christina Aguilera – Glamour magazine is well known for retouching their pictures. Here is one that they really let slip by the editors. If you look at Christina’s fingers closely, you might say that she is part alien or something out of a sci fi movie.

Christina Aguilera

12. Jennifer Love-Hewitt – Jennifer looks great in the May 2009 edition of Maxim magazine. There is just one problem; her foot looks like she has been walking barefoot since the year 2000! This was a major blunder that should have been caught before releasing this cover for publication.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Jennifer Love-Hewitt

13. Rachel Bilson – Another photo shop offender, GQ magazine, released this cover graced with the beautiful Rachel Bilson. It’s just a shame that they used the legs of a 5 year old.

Rachel Bilson

14. Michelle Branch – Take a good look at Michelle Branch on the cover of Maxim magazine. Yes, you are seeing correctly, she has no butt crack. It also turns out that the magazine used the same image on the inside but with the added crack, of course!

Michelle Branch

15. Nia Long – The PETA photo shop elves must have went overboard while retouching this photo. Nia Longs private area looks like that of one of my daughter’s dolls and her belly button is nonexistent. And one more thing, for those of you who have been on the New York Subway, who in their right mind would touch the subway pole naked?

16. Andy Roddic – Another man that fell victim to photo shopping is famous tennis athlete, Andy Roddick. Of course he is in excellent shape already so why the need for Men’s Fitness to oversize his biceps and triceps. They have taken the arms to the extreme!

As photo shopping becomes more prominent and outlandish, there are sure to be more examples out there of photos that challenging the borders of our own human genetics and physique.