Best Careers in Photography

Some of the most rewarding careers in photography today include photojournalism, fashion photography and wedding photography. Interesting niche careers that are much more difficult to enter include wildlife photography and underwater photography, which are often associated with wildlife conservation and forensics, respectively.


Photojournalists play an important role in delivering important news to the public and are at the forefront of capturing historical events. Working alongside journalists and alone, they capture moments of national and international significance that add to a news or feature story by showing it visually. Who could forget the photo “Raising the Flag in Iwo Jima?” Or the photos that chronicled the despair of the working poor during the Great Depression? What about the photos of the Explosion of the Hindenburg, or more recently, photos of smoke billowing from the Twin Towers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S.? These photos are demonstrations of photojournalism and tell in images what can’t always be understood in words. Photojournalists have been credited with shocking people out of complacency by capturing telling images of refugees in third world countries living in stark conditions and disseminating them to the rest of the world, spurring humanitarian action. Their photos lace history books and the front pages of major newspapers and magazines, and help keep small-towns informed of local news in community newspapers.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photographers often earn a living by using their creative and artistic skills to help retailers advertise a clothing product. The career is both heavily commercial and highly aesthetic. Fashion photographers are known for their cutting edge work in high-end clothing and accessories lines, like Prada and Versace, in magazines like Vogue. Taking full advantage of the emotional reasons behind people’s buying decisions, they create images meant to tell people that buying their product can make them feel powerful and more attractive. Most fashion photographers, however, don’t work at that level. Many find plenty of work taking fashion photos of the more everyday types of fashion for catalogs and websites.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers capture moments that a bride and groom will be able to keep as lasting mementos of their wedding ceremony and reception. To get their name out, wedding photographers market their skills heavily through their websites, bridal publications, bridal shops and even bridal conferences. Many wedding photographers also capture events, such as bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, parties and awards ceremonies.