50 Terrific Social Sites for Photographers

Got a Facebook or Twitter account but still aren’t scratching the photography itch? With thousands of social sites on the web, there are many options for photographers, but who has the time to sift through it all?

Google no more, as we have done the work in gathering up 50 terrific social sites for photographers. You can upload, share, edit, critique, sell, and so much more with a simple sign up to one or several of the below.

Terrific Free Portfolio Sites for Photographers

If you are a photographer, lead with your work on these free portfolio sites.

1. Smug Mug : Heralded by press such as the “Los Angeles Times" and “The Wall Street Journal," this site is definitely worth a look. For starters, they have over 25 professional themes to choose from without the hassle of ads or spam. You can even sell prints and get many other options from the site.

2. Flickr : With millions of photos uploaded every month, this site is definitely doing something right. The service allows you to edit online, organize, and even email a pic straight to your account. Also, many other popular sites and applications already work with Flickr.

3. Picasa : Google’s photo editing software is so popular, it is on its third version. The free Windows software allows you to do many impressive editing tasks and upload to the site with a click. The sync feature also allows you to automatically edit both online and uploaded photos all at once. There is even a YouTube feature.

4. Shutterfly : Free and unlimited storage is just one of the reasons to get an account here. They also allow you to create your very own photo or video sharing website. There are also many deals on prints, books, and more constantly going on.

5. Jalbum : This free photography portfolio site allows you to share your photos with style. Millions have already taken advantage of the site to display works in many creative ways. There is also an app that lets you collaborate with other sites.

6. Photobucket : All different sorts of art including photography, video, typography, graffiti, and more are featured on this site. There are always contests and new features being added.

7. Slideshow Pro : Visit here to get an application for displaying photos or videos on your site in standalone form or embedded. Videos show you how to do more. You can also get paid tools with more.

8. DivShare : Less of a photography portfolio, this is more of a clever way to back up all of your photos online. It allows an impressive 10GB of space at absolutely no charge. Also, if you want to share photos via Facebook, there is an option for that.

Terrific Paid Portfolio Sites for Photographers

If the above just don’t cut it, try spending a little money to make your photography stand out even more with these sites.

9. Zenfolio : Stop here to get a free trial for your photo website before buying anything here. The site also lets you get important options such as the ability to protect and sell your work. Simply click on Tour to learn more.

10. Portfoliositez.com : Impressive photography templates are featured here. No programming knowledge is needed to set up a photography site here. Choose from either flash templates or for a blog.

11. PhotoBiz : Get just the flash here. There are over 70 templates to choose from and all are available to preview before purchasing. Styles include full screen, organic, designer, classic, and traditional. The set-up fee has also been cut in half.

12. BluDomain : Create a photography website starting at just $50 here. Simply click on Websites to view by templates and price. There are also contests for the entering.

13. ClickBooq : Get a free 14 day trial by visiting here. They offer creation, management, and hosting for photographers. They even have a Featured Users section to see who is making the most of the site.

14. Photoidentities : If you want a photography portfolio with a little SEO help, stop here. There are also options for photographers with a green or blog frame of mind. If interested in a WordPress blog, they can help you for only $100.

15. IntoTheDarkroom : Click here to get options such as slideshows, templates, and blogs. They also offer a Vend photo cart to help sell your work. With no monthly fees, they are definitely worth a look.

Terrific Casual Community Sites for Photographers

Everyone from first timer to expert can take advantage of these photography social sites.

16. Photo.net : You don’t have to be a professional photographer to share your work here, but if you want to be listed as a top-rated user, it doesn’t hurt. There is a Photo of the Week contest, daily sampling, and much more. They also offer 38 forums with thousands of posts added on a daily basis.

17. Fotki : Raved by ABC News, this site hosts photography lovers from all over the world. Join for free to begin uploading photos, sharing, and more. They also offer the low price of nine cents per print.

18. Picture Social : Photographers of all levels can share knowledge and learn from others here. Photos can be displayed with unlimited storage and be critiqued by the community. There are also blogs, Q &A, reviews, and more. There are also groups and videos.

19. Webshots : If you enjoy the images found on American Greetings, visit here for their photography social site. You can view millions of images from their members in entertainment, travel, outdoors, and other areas. You can also upload your own photos.

20. Photo Chart : Free photo galleries are offered to all who sign up here. Images can also be categorized in everything from animals to urban. Get feedback, meet others, and share your work all at once.

21. Photo Galaxy : This is a friendly home for photographers of all standards and abilities. The aim is simple; to provide the services that photographers really want and showcase a diverse selection of beautiful images from around the world. Simply click on Quick Start to begin.

22. Club SNAP Photography : Stop here for an informal photography community. Tips, tricks, and more are discussed. With hundreds of users at a time regularly online, it is worth a look.

23. Photo.vn : If you love photography and are Vietnamese, this is the social site for you. Both English and Vietnamese are used to navigate the site. Upload, share, and more here.

Terrific Formal Community Sites for Photographers

More advanced photographers will enjoy these social sites.

24. Photo Answers : Stop here first to join many other photographers in sharing and critiquing work. Photo of the Day and Featured Projects are regularly featured, along with galleries and categories. You can even choose to view by rating from five stars to one.

25. Deviant Art : A must visit for any artist, this social site also has a special area for photographers. Choose to view or submit work in architecture, conceptual, darkroom, and many others. There also tons of other art work to view or purchase.

26. Buzznet : Another media sharing site, this one focuses on videos, music, and the photographs that accompany them. Highlights include featured, most commented, and “buzzed" photos. There are also options for artists, along with contests.

27. Eye Fetch : If you have eye-catching photos, stop here to meet others like you. Choose from popular or featured to get your creative juices flowing. They also have a Hall of Fame, contests, and more.

28. Microsoft Digital Photography Community : Actual expert photographers visit here to share their expertise and knowledge. There are newsgroups, blogs, and much more. Current experts show you how to edit, blog, and more.

29. British Journal of Photography : This popular publication offers expert forums for all visiting photographers. Current threads include questions on ISO, tips for beginners, and pinhole photography. There are also tons of other resources on the main site.

30. Photography.com : These forums contain many essential questions and answers for more complex photo issues. Topics include general, digital, equipment, news, and critiques. They also have an ImagePRO option for website building.

31. Pixalo : Stop here to get only discussions on many photography issues. Community forums regularly deal with more complex topics. However, you can also get tutorials and articles on many techniques.

32. PhotoCamel : This site also features forums on solely photography. Current topics include lighting, tutorials, editing, and color management. Visitors can view, but you need to sign up to take part in discussions.

33. PhotoPoints : Photo critiques, ratings with photo discussion forums, and help from photography experts can be found here. You can also get an International Photographers' Community site for amateur and professional, film, and digital photographers. You can even work with the photos of others.

34. PhotoTaker : Sign up here to automatically entered for the Editor’s Pick. There are also forum posts and articles to read.

Terrific Social Sites for Photographers for Help

Visit these sites to get help for everything from buying equipment to selling your work.

35. Digital Camera Reviews and News : This leading site is updated daily with the latest in behind the scenes looks at the newest cameras and accessories. Be sure to check out the buying guide to get the most out of your money or visit a forum. They even have challenges, blog posts, and much more.

36. Photo Workshop : If you are looking for a terrific social site for networking photographers, click the PhotoConnect option here. You can also post to the Gallery to get feedback. However, with free photography lessons and online portfolios, you can spend hours on this one site.

37. Digital Photography School : Learn the nuts and bolts of camera operation with the help of this online school. They offer tips, reviews on equipment, and even help with post production. You can also read help for the most popular topics.

38. Digital Camera Review : This site brings you the latest digital camera reviews, digital camera information and prices, the hottest deals, and in-depth articles about photography and camera equipment. Join the forums to discuss digital cameras and get advice and opinions from other photographers. The Most Viewed Digital Cameras with ratings and price are a must visit before buying anything.

39. Unbiased Digital Camera Reviews and News : Similar to the above, this site specializes in giving readers objective looks at the newest in camera technology. There is also a buyer’s guide, prices, FAQ, and more. You can also read the most recent reviews or get info on upcoming ones.

40. Amazon Photography : Read reviews of cameras from users just like you on Amazon. Choose from point and shoot, SLRs, and much more. You can even add your own reviews of products you enjoyed or hated.

41. PopPhoto : This leading photography site has tips and tools for photographers at all levels. Choose from reviews, updated features, galleries, and even expert blogs. They also have contests, events, and more.

42. Photography Monthly : A leading magazine, they can help you find the perfect digital camera for you. Columns such as tips, techniques, news, and reviews are available with a simple click. You can also join to share photos or take part in a forum.

43. DP Mag : “Digital Photography Magazine" has tons of resources on their site available for free. In addition to the usual “Top Ten" features, they have How-To, SLR, and tips for software. There is also an active community that is a terrific social site for photographers.

44. Take Great Pictures : If all you need is some expert help on snapping photos, stop here. The Photography Information Council maintains this site to help you do just what the title promises. Columns include scrapbooking, news, information, photo projects, and more.

Terrific Social Sites for Specific Photographers

These social sites focus on a specific area of photography

45. The Nikonians : If you love the Nikon brand as much as these photographers, visit here. Not affiliated with the corporation, they take candid looks at equipment, techniques, and more. Check out the blog, galleries, and even shop while you’re here.

46. Canon Photography Group : Another popular vendor, Canon makes the EOS, Powershot, and other cameras. Topics in the forum include photography discussion, EOS, and articulation. You can also buy and sell products here.

47. Sony Community : The Sony Community is a social networking site created to provide another avenue for customers to share thoughts and opinions of the Sony brand, products, and services. There are photos, videos, and blogs to help you enjoy the most out of your Sony product. You can even learn more about the DigiDad Project.

48. Kodak Exchange : Join here to begin creating and sharing projects with the entire Kodak community. The gallery has tons of tips for making impressive photos and sharing with all. You can even enter the picture of the day contest or search through past top pictures.

49. ePhotoZine : This social site is for photographers from the United Kingdom. They have the latest news, techniques, competitions, and more. You can also get directories and photos in your area.

50. Photo Friday : Join with other photographers to enter these weekly contests. You can view the results of previous contests or enter yourself. There is also The Spotlight with many honorable mentions.

Whether you have been a professional photographer for decades or looking to begin, the above 50 terrific social sites for photographers have lots to offer. You can get tips on what to buy, how to shoot, make an important contact, and much more. Be sure to utilize them all to get the most out of your photography and online social networking.