50 Incredibly Inspiring Printmaking Blogs

Artists who are cooped up in studio can find it difficult to find time to meet others, view work, review, or even improve on their own. It is no different for printmakers. These artists make art by printing on paper, wood, or other. Because each print strives to be different, rather than just a straight capture of something that already exists, it can be daunting work.

And if you are looking for printmaking blogs, Google is of little help. But we can help. Below are 50 incredibly inspiring printmaking blogs. Whether looking to begin a new form of artwork, perfect your own printmaking, or just see something different, they can help.

Incredibly Inspiring Individual Printmaking Blogs

These individuals have loads to say about printmaking in their blogs.

  1. A Printmakers Blog About Art and Printmaking : Debra is from Ottawa where she is an artist, non-toxic printmaker, and instructor. Get views of her artwork along with tips from the blog. Prints along with commentary are usually featured.
  2. M Lee Fine Art : Marissa Swinghammer is a printmaker and mixed media artist. From Boston, she blogs on being both an artist and mother. Posts are on regular life and art.
  3. Ellen Shipley  : She is a stay-at-home-mom turned art student, who is currently printing up a storm. She also sews and writes poetry. Visit her blog to check out her newest work.
  4. 1000 Woodcuts Updates : Born in Cuba, artist Maria Arango currently lives in Las Vegas. She gives sporadic musings on woodcuts, art, and life as an artist. Get updates on her work, studio, and more.
  5. Vermont Printmaker : Michelle Turbide is a fine artist and printmaker residing in the Champlain Islands of Vermont. She has been a printmaker for over five years and is intrigued by forms of art that are non-toxic. You can also find her on MySpace, Flickr, and Twitter.
  6. The Itinerant Artist : Stop here for a bilingual printmaking blog. Diane Cutter is from Puerto Rico where she is both a printmaker and artist. Posts are both in English and Spanish.
  7. Woodblock Dreams  : Annie Bissett is a printmaker living in Massachusetts. Her interests include illustrations with Japanese style woodblock prints. The blog is her diary of the work.
  8. VIZ Art : Viza Arlington is currently showing her work all across the United States. Posts are on the white line experiment, woodblock prints, and an oil based raven woodblock.
  9. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog : She is a painter and printmaker living in Southern California. New art is posted on this blog regularly, and she exhibits work in galleries, shows and art festivals, as well as online venues. Her latest work is in watercolor and she tells you more.
  10. Into the Blystic : Although the artist has taken a sabbatical, the blog is still worth a look. Elis Cooke’s work will have you mesmerized. You can also follow on Twitter.

Incredibly Inspiring Printmaking Resources

These sites have other resources for printmakers.

  1. Wikimedia.orgNontoxic Print : If you want your printmaking to have as little impact on the environment as possible, stop here. The site is a research resource and practical guide for printmakers, artists, and educators. You can also get information on workshops, various mediums, and more.
  2. World Printmakers : Stop here to view contemporary fine art prints and print makers from around the globe. Choose from what’s new or go on an artistic trip around the world. Other resources include services for artists, interviews, and technical topics.
  3. Woodblock : If you are interested in this form of printmaking, click here. The table of contents gives previews of work, stories, a newsletter, and more. The also offer an eBook to help with your first print.
  4. Bound Staff Press : This printmaking blog stands out as a resource for those interested in the nuts and bolts of the medium. Justin is an art teacher and printmaker who explains it all. In addition to tips, he also blogs on his student’s work.
  5. Making A Mark : This site is a great stop for artists of all kinds. Selecting the printmaking tag will show you all about it. You can also find help with selling your work.
  6. Welcome to Solarplate : Learn more about this form of printmaking with a visit. They also have an online how to. A trouble shooting guide is also included.

Incredibly Inspiring Group Printmaking Blogs

These printmaking blogs are authored by two or more people.

  1. BarenForum Group Weblog : Everyone is free to browse or post to this printmaking blog. Must be a member to post, however. Categories on the blog include announcements, dessert island prints, and many others.
  2. Printeresting : Since 2008, this blog has been a favorite online resource for printmaking miscellany. Categories include artists, exhibitions, reviews, and more. They also have information on contests and special offers.
  3. Prints for Peace : These printmakers strive for peace in Monterrey, Mexico. The project is even currently inviting the entire printmaking community to enter their exhibit. Get rules, regulations, and more by visiting.
  4. Liverpool Printmakers : This studio has been in operation for over 40 years. Two separate studios include the Intaglio and Silkscreen. Check out their newest works or follow them on Twitter.
  5. Printsy :  Printsy represents the printmaking artists of Etsy.com, working in the time honored techniques of intaglio, relief, screen printing, lithography, and monotypes. Learn more about the work of each artist as it comes up. Be sure to check out their Flickr group with more.
  6. Printmaking Blog : Dean Clark and his wife have run Graphic Chemical for many years. They manufacture time-tested inks for etching, litho, and relief printing, as well as sell screen print inks, papers, tools, chemistry, plates, and supplies for all of a printmaker's needs. The blog has loads more on how to better your own printmaking.
  7. Art & Ghosts : Technically written by one person, the title and content make this a group printmaking blog. The artist fancies herself a tree and it can be seen in the art work. Work is eye catching and divided into a number of categories.
  8. Meet Your Print Maker  : Stop by this blog to meet different printmakers from around the world. Each entry features a different one, along with information about each.

Incredibly Inspiring International Printmaking Blogs

Go overseas to learn more about printmaking.

  1. In The Studio : Laine is an artist based in Japan. He regularly features his own work, as well as those of others on his blog. You can also find his pieces online, along with other blogs.
  2. Artist Printmaker On Line : Aine Scannell is a fine artist printmaker from Dunfermline, U.K. She often writes about how her work is going in technical and non-technical terms. She also informs of exhibitions, contests, or works she finds inspiring.
  3. Wood Engraver : From Cambridgeshire, U.K., Andy enjoys working in the studio mostly as an engraver. He also describes what he is working on, along with useful tips. If you enjoy it, be sure not to miss his Albion Press Restoration Blog.
  4. Woodblock Roundtable :  Get discussions triggered by the activities and work of woodblock printmaker David Bull. From Japan, he gives a table of contents to his blog for easy sifting. You can also check out his current projects for progress.
  5. Olansa Cuttings : David Harrison lives in West Worthing, U.K. and is almost single-handedly shoring up the under-80 demographic. He works in relief printmaking, is a father, and draws bugs. A recent entry was on an innovative new drying rack.
  6. Printed Material : P.M. is from Narbeth, U.K. and is interested in printmaking, as well as feltmaking, book arts, gardening, and beekeeping. Her art often follows her urge to find out more about what grabs her attention. In addition to art, she also posts on items of interest.
  7. Colin Beaumont Printmaker  : This blogger is located in Fife, U.K. He is a printmaker who works in reduction lino prints, collagraphs, linocuts, and etchings. See them all by having a look at the blog.
  8. Alter Printmaking : Chris Mercier is studying at the Royal College of Art in London. He is also an artist and printmaker. Posts are usually on artistic items of interest.
  9. Burnishings  : Amie Roman is a printmaking artist based on the West Coast of Canada. Her work reflects upon the natural world and irony of progress. Works in progress and more are featured on the blog.
  10. Printmaking : Although Igor Ulangin doesn’t have much to say, his art work does. Check out his page on Live Journal with tons of work. You can also comment on it.

Incredibly Inspiring Printmaking Shops

Learn more about all the printmaking supplies you will need, and even read the occasional blog below.

  1. Mike Lyon : In addition to filling your cart with loads of printmaking goodies, you can also check out the blog. Mike writes about art reviews, products, and more. The site also has instructional videos that are not to be missed.
  2. McClain’s Printmaking Supplies  : Click here to view the online catalog. Items include presses, blocks, brushes, and many other tools. They even have a featured artist on their homepage.
  3. Screen Stretch : They are manufacturers of screen printing frames including, wood and aluminum screens, standard and hi-tech sections, coating troughs, and squeegees. They also offer 24 hour delivery worldwide and are based in England.
  4. Greg Olsen Gallery : If you need to see the work of a professional printmaker, click here. Greg and others come here to post works on everything from children to religious to Western. They also offer specials.
  5. Verne Collection : If Japanese prints are your preferred style, stop here. Dozens of artists have work for sale here. You can also check out their blog.
  6. Intaglio Printmaker : This printmaking shop is located in London. Choose from rollers, engraving, relief printing, and many others. You can also download the catalog as a PDF.
  7. Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. : Items for the printmaking community include a forum with over 1,100 articles. You can also find various art supplies as well. Be sure to check out Dean’s blog with more.
  8. Daniel Smith : This online art supply store also has printmaking offerings. They include ink and other supplies. If you live in Seattle or Bellevue, you can find a class in your area.
  9. Dick Blick : Another art supply store, they also have stuff for printmakers. Choose from books, videos, embossing, and more. You can also request a catalog online.

Incredibly Inspiring Printmaking Groups

Meet other printmakers, check out their blogs, and more on these sites.

  1. Woodblock Printmaking : This online community has forums, print exchange programs, and even encyclopedias. Be sure not to miss the forum or Facebook page. They even have an online mall.
  2. Deviant Art : This massive online community is where artists gather to collaborate and trade works. Print makes can also join the club here. In addition to viewing other works, there are also tools to sell your own.
  3. Red Bubble : Thousands of artists stop here to sell their work. Medium includes art, photography, and even printmaking. Best of all, you can sell your work as a t-shirt.
  4. Image Kind : This community specializes in buying or selling art. Loads of prints cover every subject from abstract to urban. They also have products to help your art.
  5. Etsy : Need some inspiration? Then visit Etsy and its over 167,000 pieces of original art for sale. You can check out the prints, or even put your own up for sale.
  6. Wet Canvas   : Another art community, this one has a special section for printmakers. Sign up to begin contributing to the forums. You can also read them as a guest.
  7. Elgg : This open source social networking platform is available to download with a single click. You can customize a profile, blog, micro-blog, and even create groups. Printmakers can also join or create a group of their own.

If looking to branch out artistically, printmaking isn’t a bad way to go and these 50 incredibly inspiring printmaking blogs are sure to provide loads of tips and advice. If serious about your craft, why not begin your own printmaking blog?