50 Amazing Nature Photography Bloggers

Nature photography is an extremely popular career and hobby for those who choose to express their creativity through the majesty of planet Earth. The following blogs and their proprietors stand as some of the best examples of the genre available online today, regaling readers with romantic tales of travel and images of the diverse, wondrous beauty inherent in nature.

1. Ethan Meleg – Nature Photography Blog : Ontario-based nature photographer Ethan Meleg shares a stunning journal of his travels across North America, documenting the landscapes and wildlife he discovers along the way.

2. Graf Nature Photography : Environmental issues and discussions of trends in photographic technology round out this informative and aesthetic nature photography blog by Mark Graf.

3. Moose Peterson’s Website : The appropriately-named Moose Peterson shares a slew of amazing blog posts on his nature and landscape photography as well as videos, thoughts, discussions of equipment, and more.

4. Nature and Wildlife Photography : Be sure to stop by this blog for dramatic, clear photographs of landscapes and animals in Delaware and beyond.

5. JMG-Galleries : Jim M. Goldstein loves travel, the natural world, and photography – all of which is reflected in his extremely interesting blog.

6. Nature’s Best Photography : The award-winning blog of Nature’s Best Photography magazine, visitors here are treated to the best creative and technical output by naturalists and artists alike.

7. Photo Blog – Niebrugge Images : There is plenty to love about Ron Niebrugge’s photography blog, not the least of which would be his breathtaking landscapes.

8. NaturePhotographyBlog.com : Learn about the business of photography as well as gaze at dynamic, dramatic photographs of dozens – if not hundreds – of different species.

9. Macro Art in Nature : Fans of macro photography will adore Michael Brown’s intimate, occasionally experimental, images of the tiny and oft-overlooked details of natural phenomenon.

10. Wildlife Photography Blog from Wildlife Pictures Online : Wildlife Pictures Online offers up an eclectic mix of animal, landscape, botanical, and geological photography alongside fascinating articles on ecology and preservation issues.

11. John E Marriott’s Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photography Blog : This entertaining and informative blog serves up some great posts on travel, his work with National Geographic, equipment, and technology alongside some excellent images of Canadian wildlife – and more!

12. Amateur Photography | Nature Pictures : Anything and everything that occurs in nature crops up on this pleasant little blog, which features some amazing macro works of insects, spiders, water droplets, and other organic details.

13. Florida Nature Photography : Even those outside of Florida can appreciate the detailed field notes and fantastic nature photography found on this informative blog, which opens up plenty of windows into one corner of the American biosphere.

14. Bird and Nature Photography : Marvel over the avian life in Malaysia – along with the occasional foray into insects, flowers, mammals, and other aspects of nature.

15. Cornforth Images : Hiking, nature, and travel enthusiasts have plenty to read and enjoy with this engaging blog overflowing with eclectic content.

16. Kari Post Photography : Photographer Kari Post gives readers a behind-the-scenes peek into her career path, making this an excellent resource for anyone considering pursuing that particular path.

17. NGM Blog Central : Official blog of the highly respected National Geographic, readers can follow along with the adventures of world-class photographers in search of the perfect shot.

18. Wildlife Photography Blogs : Multiple blogs contribute their content to this greater resource, which compiles the best posts and images from around the nature photography community.

19. Stephen Oachs, Nature Photographer : World-renowned nature photographer Stephen Oachs opens up about his busy and impressive career, shares his colorful and dramatic pictures, and the events and progress of his Aperture Academy.

20. Ozark Images : Beyond the beautiful, sparkling photographs of Mark Hardgrave, Ozark Images also provides some great resources on the discipline in general as well.

21. Nature Photography Blog : Preferring to let the striking compositions speak for themselves, the artists at Captured Nature Photography share their latest works in a blog format comprised of one image per post and minimal text – if any at all.

22. Where in the World is Juergen? : Brookline, Massachusetts-based photographer Juergen Roth carries his passion for nature photography all over the world, and he shares his adventures right here on his excellent blog.

23. Kiwifoto.com : Explore nations across the glove through a series of clear, pleasant images of birds, landscapes, and other facets of nature by Christopher Taylor.

24. Chris Kayler Photography : Take a peek through the lens of Chris Kayler and his contemporaries, and along the way make sure to soak up his informative articles on photography in general.

25. Nature Photography Blog : Receive tips, tricks, and advice from a couple of different photographers alongside some intriguing insights into the history of depicting nature in art.

26. DaveWalshPhoto.com : Eclectic photographer Dave Walsh journeys to the furthest corners of the globe to bring visitors the most jaw-dropping images of the landscapes, animals, and people that shape the world today.

27. Quantum Tiger Wildlife Photography : The talented Ian Coleman mostly posts photographs from nature, but he will pop up the occasional foray into something man-made from time to time as well.

28. treeblog : treeblog’s readers are treated to some excellent photography of – unsurprisingly – trees in addition to information on their biology and ecological efforts to preserve them.

29. Coyote Crossing : Chris Clarke explores the Mojave Desert with a series of eloquent stories, graphs, statistics, and photographs – mostly regarding the coyote population.

30. PhotoNaturalist : On this fantastic blog, aspiring and professional natural photographers have access to plenty of wonderful examples of the genre as well as great advice on capturing the best image possible.

31. Steve Creek Outdoors : Explore the flora and fauna of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and beyond through the beautiful portfolio of Steve Creek, whose work tends to emphasize animals over plants.

32. Photography on the Run : Gary Valle nurtures a passion for hiking, running, and traveling, and wherever he roams he brings along his camera to immortalize all the facets of nature he encounters.

33. Wildlife Photographic Journals : Canon devotee Richard Steel posts richly detailed, colorful photos of wildlife from all over the world and recounts the intriguing stories behind each of them.

34. xenogere : Jason M. Hogle shares his love of flowers and plants through a series of excellent photographs and well-informed articles on their biology.

35. Oz Wildlife Art : This fun, eclectic blog showcases absolutely gorgeous photography and other works of art from a number of different creators. Be sure to visit other portions of the site for more treats, tutorials, and information.

36. Count your chicken! We’re taking over! : A spunky field biologist merges her love of animals, travel, and art to offer her readers an intelligent, informative exploration of the natural world.

37. Skolai Images : Discover all the wonders of the planet alongside Carl Donohue as he shares the majestic landscapes and animals he encounters on his travels.

38. From the Faraway, Nearby : Oklahoma City-based photographer T.R. Ryan passes through life in a perpetual wanderlust, and his intelligent, insightful blog brims over with amazing stories and images of the places and people who must share the Earth with one another.

39. Nature Magnified : Take an intimate glimpse at insects, plants, birds, and other natural forms through the macro lens of gifted photographer Thomas Vattakaven.

40. Creatures in the Wild : 14-year-old Shawn explores all the intriguing flora and fauna of his native Singapore with armed with a camera and a dream of becoming a wildlife photographer and researcher.

41. Virtua Gallery : This fun, lighthearted blog posts engaging photos of animals in humorous or quirky positions or situations in addition to more traditional compositions.

42. Wilkinson’s World : Discover the (comparatively) exotic landscapes, plants, and animals native to Namibia with Rob and Jane Wilkinson’s comprehensive blog and website overflowing with information and research in addition to travel tales.

43. It’s My Nature : Ed Vatza shares his dramatic images of flowers, landscapes, birds, and abstracts from nature with the singular focus of making the ordinary extraordinary.

44. Wild Light : With sections for “Birds,” “Bees,” and “Bestiary,” fans of all types of animals have plenty to choose from on this fantastic nature photography blog.

45. Frames of Nature : Rúben Neves of Portugal takes an interesting, rather unique approach to nature photography that results in a seemingly otherworldly depiction of the fully terrestrial.

46. Into My Own : The beautiful photography of Catherine Kennedy incorporates exceptionally lush panoramas and macro shots among more traditional approaches towards nature photography.

47. Heather of the Hills : Describing herself as “a grown up kid enjoying nature’s playground,” photographer and naturalist Heather shares her wonder at the world with the readers – a sensibility reflected in her amazing images.

48. Interrupted Thought Process : Chris Morrison’s nature photography involves striking landscapes, intriguing macros, and some gorgeous animals.

49. The Wild Photographer : Wildlife photographer Larry Thorngren hosts a slew of animal images and travel stories, with his shots of birds in their natural habitats as some of the best in his portfolio.

50. Mother Nature : A German hobbyist photographer opens up about her globetrotting adventures and pairs them with a series of wondrous images to illustrate the stories.

Human technology and organic phenomena make for a harmonious marriage. The former celebrates and acknowledges the latter as the true progenitor of aesthetics, and few people understand that synthesis as well as nature photographers. These 50 blogs and the ones keeping them functioning keep this well-balanced philosophy afloat through their engaging art and writing.