100 Free Online Tools and Resources to Take Pictures of Space

Space photography has come a long way since the early missions of the sixties. Decades later, advanced technologies let us explore farther and capture images better. Below are the best 100 sites and resources to help you become a better photographer. They include guides, tips, free courses, and thousands of astronomical photos to get you inspired.

Must See Images

Visit these websites for images from top institutions and the latest in space exploration. They include everything from the tiniest moon to the largest galaxies.

1. HubbleSite: View some of the most awe inspiring images from the world’s most powerful camera. Get the newest images, the story behind them, and much more.

2. NSSDC Photo Gallery: From NASA comes this extensive collection of space images. You can get pictures of all the planets, and even a few of asteroids and comets.

3. Heavens Above: This site has an array of classic space photography from the 19th century. You can also get contemporary images as well.

4. NASA Image Exchange: NIX allows visitors to view any of the thousands of photographs taken by NASA. Search by keyword or subjects such as aeronautics, space flights, and solar system.

5. Space Photography: This site has an array of space oriented photographs. You can get pictures on everything from launches to landings.

6. Space Shots: Kodak offers this free resource of pictures taken by astronaut John Glen, who pioneered the art of space photography. You can also get live pictures from the current shuttle mission.

7. NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility: With images dating back to 2003, you can get an array of images from this prestigious laboratory. You can also get information on missions and more.

8. Milestones in Space Photography: From “National Geographic” comes this gallery of monumental space photos. You can also get related links, a time line, and more scientific galleries.

9. Galaxy Images and Stock Photos: FotoSearch has over three thousand images related to space. You can view them for free or purchase for a small price.

10. Cori’s Space Images: Cori loves photography and posts favorite images of space here. There is an array of images taken from, and of space, along with links to other photography resources.

11. The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth: This site hosts a comprehensive online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth from 1961 through the present. Just select the area of the planet you are interested in and instantly get images of that area.

12. Earth Explorer: This site allows you to query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products. Search by category or longitude and latitude.

13. Space.com: With an impressive array of space images, this site is worth a visit. You can choose from galleries on the Hubble, deep space, the solar system, and Earth.

14. Air and Space Photography.com: Get information and images on launches, shuttle missions, and more. You can even get photos from air shows on this site.

15. Spitzer Space Telescope: This is one of NASA’s newest and most advanced telescopes. You can get images, information, and more.

16. Planetary Image Catalog: The catalog currently has over 500 images. They range from Mercury to the rings of Saturn to the outlying comets.

17. Earth as Art: Here you can view our planet through the images taken by the Landsat-7 satellite and the Terra Satellite. You can also get high resolution images for your collection.

18. GeoEye: This site allows you to view satellite images from historic time periods. You can get images on natural disasters and even from the attacks on September, 11.

19. Science Photo Library: Like the name says, you can get numerous pictures of various scientific topics, including space. You can also get motion, tips on photo techniques, and highlighted images.

20. International Space Archives: A digital library, this site contains a host of incredible imagery created by our planet’s exploration of the universe. You can get images from missions, the solar system, various space crafts, and even videos.

21. Flickr: Use a search tag such as solar system to get an array of images. You can also tag by astronomy, universe, moon, and much more.

22. Fires in Southern California: Taken by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer, these are images of the October 2003 wildfires in Southern California. You can even get infrared images.

23. SF Gate: Get an array of galleries on many subjects from top photographers including award winners and the year in pictures. Make sure to view the “Columbia is Lost” gallery for its haunting space images.

Astrophotography Sites

This art is a specialized type of photography that focuses on images of astronomical objects such as moons, the Sun, planets, stars, and deep sky objects. The below sites focus on astrophotography and come with images, tips, and more.

24. Astrophotography 101: This guide is essential for those just starting out on space photography. In addition to the basics, you can also get step by step information on taking star trail photos, shooting non trailed fixed position stars, and more.

25. Astrophotography Primer: Learn the basic concepts and equipment used in astrophotography from this site. Topics include rigid camera mounting, tracking the stars, guided prime focus, and more.

26. Sky and Telescope: This magazine is a must have for space photographers. In addition to subscription information, you can read free articles on deep sky photography, guiding a telescope, astro imaging with a digital camera, and more.

27. The Astrophoto Page: Learn how this photographer took these stunning images with a Canon 20Da DSLR cameral. You can also get a ton of links to other useful information.

28. Tripod Astrophotography: Think you need an expensive telescope or other sophisticated equipment to be an astrophotographer? Then visit this site to get a beginner’s guide on how you can take space photographs right away from your own home.

29. Digital Camera Astrophotography: Learn which digital cameras are the best for space photography, as well as which accessories you will need. A guide also takes you through the process of photographing the moon.

30. Galaxy Photo: Jason Ware has been photographing the sky since 1989 using Meade Instruments Telescopes. View his various professional images, get information on equipments, or read a related article.

31. Chris Cook: Updated frequently, this site contains images of the astronomy and nightscape taken by the author. In addition to the many photographs, you can also purchase them and get related articles.

32. Jim’s Astrophotography Site: You can get images from the Starfire and Traveler on this site. It also comes with an instructional guide for using the ST-4 Autoguider.

33. Rattlesnake Observatory: Get the latest planetary, nebula, and planetary images from Vincent Bert. You can also get a live image of the moon, including percentage full and information on the lunar phases.

34. astro: This site contains various images from space. For an explanation of the photographs, you can read “The Web Nebulae,” which is also linked to.

35. Masil-Astro-Imaging: Sheldon Faworski and Sean Walker take astronomy photographs and share them here. In addition to the latest images, you can get information on observatories, equipments, and more.

36. Astro Photo: Tony and Daphne have 16 years of experience in photography. Their site is intended to provide information on their printing services and provide a gallery of free astro images.

37. Creatorsview: You can get shuttle launch photos, view the gallery, or watch a slideshow on this site. It also has quotes for the spiritual photographer.

38. Starry Wonders: The table of contents has many choices for those interested in space photography. Topics include everything from proper equipment to halo removal.

39. Deep Sky Photography: George Creaney provides a selection of CCD images and film images of space. You can also learn how he got the images, what equipment he used, and how he processed them.

40. Can You Bind the Chains: Bobby Middleton provides these space images for viewing or purchase. Galleries include galaxy, nebula, and planet.

41. Royal Observatory: Located in Greenwich, England, this observatory is part of the National Maritime Museum. Make sure to view the entries on Mercury and the Lyrids Meteor Shower.

42. The National Schools’ Observatory: This site is ideal for students, teachers, and children who are interested in space photography. You can observe the moon, planets, stars, and galaxies, as well as view many images.

43. Ray Gralak: Ray has taken numerous space photographs dating all the way back to 1999. The latest set is of our solar system’s sun spots.

44. Russell Croman Astrophotography: Choose from the latest or most popular space photographs on this site. You can also view a slide show, get equipment information, and more.

45. Cosmotography: Visit here for numerous CCD images of the heavens. You can also order inexpensive prints, read articles by the photographer, and learn how he captured these stunning images.

46. Dave Kodama: Search by date or phenomenon. Also of note is the eclipse gallery with stunning space images.

47. StarryScapes: This site displays photographic images of celestial objects in the night skies. Choose from images of comets, galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, and H-alpha.

48. AstroCruise: Believing that nothing transcends the beauty of nature, you can find an array of space and landscape photography. You can also read about their latest projects and even visit the For Sale section.

49. Celestial Images: John Gleason brings you this collection of astronomical photography. View the film or CCD gallery, purchase prints, and more.

50. Science & Art: This site brings a unique collection of through the telescope photography. In addition to the eight galleries, you can also visit the store, which is full of related products.

51. Michael Richmann: This photographer has images ranging from the Hale-Bopp comet to the Elephant Trunk in Cepheus. You can also get information on the scopes he used to take these photos.

52. Michael Richmann: This photographer has images ranging from the Hale-Bopp comet to the Elephant Trunk in Cepheus. You can also get information on the scopes he used to take these photos.

53. SKYPHOTO: Jerry Schad takes photos of the skyline and space and showcases them here. Galleries include atmospheric optical effects, comets, moons, constellations, the milky way, and star trails.

54. AstroPics: With many galleries to choose from, space photographers will want to view the one on bright nights. It contains many space related images, and you can also get links to other nature themed photo galleries.

55. Phillip Salzgeber: Regularly updated, you can get space photographs of the moon, comets, planets, solar system, and the 99 eclipse.

56. Brad Wallis: Brad tells how he and a partner captured various astronomical images. You can also get links to the gallery and other useful information.

57. Robert Provin: Robert is with the department of geography at California State University Northridge. Get musings on astrophotography, links to useful sites, and information on equipment.

58. Space Archive: This site is the source for regional space information. You can get a launch schedule, the latest news, and information for photographing satellites.

Informational Sites

Focusing on all types of photography, including space, these sites are ideal for the latest in news, tips, and image sharing.

59. AstroPix: This is a web site of deep-sky astronomical photographs, tips and techniques for digital astrophotography, and image processing in Photoshop. You can view images, get instructional information, and much more.

60. Slate Magazine: Do a search for space and get a ton of interesting results of stories and images on space. Get information on missions, NASA, and be sure to check out “Where Does Space Begin?”

61. John Nack on Adobe: This professional photographer blogs about the profession and related information. Get a host of valuable tips and links to useful stories.

62. Rob Galbraith: Rob brings you tons of insight into the world of digital photography. Get reviews, news, and links to all sorts of photography resources.

63. National Press Photographers Association: Anyone wanting to take space photographs for media production will want to visit this site. You can get the latest headlines, view the job bank, or get the benefits of becoming a member.

64. American Society of Media Photographers: With special sections for visitors, students, photographers, and more this site is worth a look. You can also do a search for space photos, as well as utilize other image resources.

65. Stock Artists Alliance: If you would like to, or already, work with digital photos, visit here to learn all about metadata. You can also get membership information, news, and resources open to everyone.

66. BLUEPIXEL: Professional photographers share their insight and tips on this website. You can also get musings, inspiration, and other helpful information.

67. National Geographic: You can get pictures, galleries, photo tips, and more science related photography information on this world renowned site. You can also get profiles on professional photographers, videos on the subject, and you can even submit your own photo.

68. Photo Net: An online membership of photographers, you can get an array of information and resources. View images by top photographers, post your own, join a forum, or get the latest reviews.

69. Photo Net: An online membership of photographers, you can get an array of information and resources. View images by top photographers, post your own, join a forum, or get the latest reviews.

70. 1001 Noisy Cameras: Visit this site to learn about the best and newest cameras. You can find reviews, post your own experience, and read the blog containing the best deals on cameras.

71. Go DSLR: Those using a DSLR to capture space images are advised to visit this site for the latest in web and video tutorials. You can also get reviews on the newest cameras, along with incentives for posting your own tutorials.

72. Byte Photo: This site offers free photo sharing for photographers of all levels and subjects. There is also information on contests, challenges, and critiques.

Free Classes

Would you like to take a professional class on photography but don’t have the time or the money? Then check out these courses from institutions as prestigious as M.I.T. to get the best instruction on photography without hurting your pocketbook.

73. Learn Photography Online: The School of Photography has many online courses available from wedding to landscape to black and white. The night photography course is even offered at no charge.

74. Introduction to Photography: Want to learn photography just as the undergraduates of M.I.T. do? Then take this free course on basic black and white techniques, digital imaging, fundamentals of camera operation, lighting, film exposure, development, and printing.

75. Photography Course: With dozens of free classes to choose from, this site is a must visit. You can get lessons everything from the basics to creating a dark room to shooting like a seasoned professional.

76. Photo Tips & Techniques: This is a free guide offered by Kodak. You can learn everything from nature to black & white photography. Make sure you read the top ten tips for photographers while visiting.

77. Digital Photo Guy: With 28 videos to choose from, you can get an introductory digital photography course from this YouTube poster. Also of note is the lesson on how to take photographs with your cellphone.

78. Guide to Digital Cameras: This short course is ideal for those who use a digital camera and want to know more about it. You can get simple tricks, tips, and more.

79. Photo Seminars: This site offers free seminars that change on a monthly basis. Current seminars include individual style, lighting, and black & white photography.

80. Photo 101: From PhotoWorkshop.com comes this free lesson, information, and tips for beginning photographers. You can even get information on contests, alliances, and view portfolios on this site.

81. Free Online Digital Photography: This blogger scoured the internet for free photography courses and listed them all here. Ideal for beginners, you can learn everything from shutter speed to composition and more.

82. Photography and Related Media: Many space images are in black and white and this course has a special emphasis on this subject. There is also instruction on digital imaging, fundamentals of camera operation, lighting, film exposure, development, and printing.

83. Michael The Mentor: This is professional photographer offers quick and easy to understand lessons for beginners. With 30 to choose from, you can learn about shutter speed, take a quiz, and much more.

84. Adobe Photoshop Basics: No photographer should be without the skills of this basic and commonly used program. This free course includes versions 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, and 7.0 including educational and academically-priced versions.

85. Sites in Sight: Photography as Inquiry: Offered as part of MIT’s Open Course Ware, it is the same class taken by the students at this university and is offered for free. Students explore photography as a disciplined way of seeing, investigating, and expressing ideas.

86. Lexar Digital Photography: This website gives dozens of tips, video tutorials, and recommendations from experienced professionals. Also of note are the lessons on location and behind the scenes photo shoots from some of the best in the industry.

87. Careers in Photography: From the Not Your Normal Photography School comes this free, six day course and eBook. It is an introductory course and focuses on how to make a success of your photography career.

88. Photojournalism: Anyone interested in using their spaces images for journalistic purposes should take this course. The instructor is a seasoned professional and the first lesson is available for free.

89. Media Art II: Students learn black and white chemical photography, digital imaging, and new genre public art, from Capilano University. The course includes a syllabus, calendar, lectures, and assignments.

90. Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry: Readings, observations, and pictures form the discussions on how photography can inform design and planning. Video lectures and an image gallery are also available for this course.

91. Image Compression and Packet Video: Space photographers can utilize this course as an introduction to the basic concepts for the compression of digital images and video. Topics include two dimensional sampling and quantization; coding techniques such as differential pulse code modulation, transform coding, subband/wavelet coding, and vector quantization.

92. Displaying & Sharing: Once you have your photos, you will need to learn about the hundreds of exciting possible ways to display and share them. This free, written course discusses everything from printing to publishing on the web.

93. Displaying & Sharing: Once you have your photos, you will need to learn about the hundreds of exciting possible ways to display and share them. This free, written course discusses everything from printing to publishing on the web.

94. Holographic Imaging: Learn holography from a scientific and analytical point of view through this course. Students are taught about moving from interference and diffraction to imaging of single points, as well as the display of three-dimensional images.

95. Reading Visual Images: In this free, five part course, students are taught how photography relates to the social sciences. It is ideal for space photographers who want to know the impact photos have had on history.

96. Good Shooting Guide: Offered by the BBC, learn from experienced program makers with use of tools and guides to help improve your sequences. This course is ideal for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

97. Numeric Photography: Now that you have a few space pictures, would you like to learn how to enhance them artistically and digitally? Then take this free course where students used interactive computer graphics and combined them with the visual arts.

98. Digital Desktop Studio Photography: This course is intended for anyone who wants to take high-quality studio pictures. Learn how to light zoom, flash, and more with a professional feel without the cost.

99. Adobe Sample Course: Interested in Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, or Adobe Premiere Elements? Then take one of the numerous free courses from Adobe on any of these products. You can even get free trials for each.

100. Information Law and Policy: This course introduces students to copyright and other forms of legal protection. Learn how to protect your images from misuse with the help of UC Berkeley.

Whether taken for fun, for a paycheck, or to enhance your own photo collection, space photography can be a challenging, yet fulfilling task. With the help of these 100 sites, you are sure to improve your skills, take impressive pictures, and impress everyone with your work.